The girl’s chest is a non-productive and mysterious place. Almost all women are pursuing breast enhancement. I hope that I can have a very charming chest. They think that men are like girls with big breasts and they are proud. The peak always makes others’ eyes look on themselves! In the past, there were such girls asking questions, why do boys like to catch girls when they are jealous? This is really like a mystery. Whether it is a jealousy or a kiss, it seems that a man’s hand will never be idle. Always like to touch or grab a girl’s chest? Why do boys like to catch girls’ chests when they are awkward? Men’s psychological age is not great. They still stay in the breastfeeding period. The psychology of men is actually very small. They have a strong Oedipus read more

Some men are masters of love scams. They obviously have a girlfriend, but they can still have a few legs outside. They can still express their own special feelings when facing their girlfriends. They will not reveal any clues and be detected by their girlfriends. Cell phone, underwear, body smell…etc. Anything that might be suspected by your girlfriend’s lameness, they can all be handled very neatly, and they won’t let the story go, even if they are questioned, they can respond calmly. Which constellation men have the opportunity to become such masters? First place: If the Libra male Libra man calms down, it is the most calm one among the 12 constellations. They will clearly consider whether they have too much attitude towards their girlfriends in front of their legs and behind read more

Toothpaste is the cleaning product we use every day. Besides brushing teeth, what is the effect of toothpaste? Let’s introduce the little-known role of toothpaste – “Aphrodisiac”. Toothpaste not only cleans the teeth, but also has the effect of making it harder and erect lasting. The main ingredients of toothpaste are talcum powder, essence and mint, amine leaves, etc. The role of the glans is the mint or amine leaves inside. Stimulation increases penile erection and paralysis of the nerves is delayed. Based on this principle, you can try a simple external method: use toothpaste to clean the glans. Toothpaste is the safest external product, does not cause side effects, and is also a good cleaning agent. After cleaning, there is no stimuli or effects, whether with read more

Romance is the most beautiful feeling between a partner. Whether it is a married couple or a male or female friend who is in love, in the process of getting along, you must pay attention to maintaining a good attitude, feelings, life, and even right. Sexual love has a scientific understanding, because if there is no scientific understanding, it will inevitably breed contradictions in the invisible, and will also obscure romance. Romance is when she cries, your gentle shoulders and handkerchiefs handed in; Romance is a busy day for her, still wearing an apron to make a delicious meal for you… Romantic will add a touch of rose to the feelings, so that love is more warm. Unfortunately, there are always some misunderstandings that will affect the romantic feeling. According to Roland Miller, read more

In the marriage life of husband and wife, when it comes to how to make the relationship between husband and wife continue to heat up, then the happy sex life is definitely the best answer. For this reason, couples should not only pay more attention to the skills of improving their sexual life, but also know where to enjoy a happy life, what needs to be paid attention to, and it is best not to violate these points of attention. The first point: It is just as important to please yourself and please the other. Sometimes, women are not satisfied with the fear of the other person, so try to match the needs of the other party. However, sex is actually the application of both sides. If you satisfy each other blindly, women will become hateful of “the thing” in the end. Women should read more

The night of the monks inspires the hormones in men and women, and the love of the beloved is the way to release the desires of the body. Of course, it does not rule out that there is no desire at all. At this time, you need to use the skill of making tricks to achieve the goal. . Try to learn the following superb skills when making love, multi-pronged and lasting for a long time. Change the position, use different caress, use a variety of weapons such as fingers, mouth, tongue, etc., use a variety of sex games to create an atmosphere, so that each other is not easy to feel the passage of time. 1. Appreciation of massage with each other can make the two feel sexy, relaxed, and the most important thing is to feel cherished and needed. Take a large towel or bed sheet and let the other person read more

Girls like to be with a colorful man, who is not willing to take a bath with a lazy, snoring, but also a stinky man sleeping on a bed. If your favorite babes spend two hours a day on makeup, blowing their heads, picking clothes, removing makeup, skin care, etc., and you are too busy to spend 10 minutes in front of the door, then you Too much to adjust. The following suggestions seem to take for granted, but the Bad Boys Academy suggests that you still carry it out seriously, which is very helpful for picking up girls. Before the hairdressing suggestion course begins, go to the hair salon and cut a suitable head shape for you. Note that what you need is a hairstyle that conveys some information (such as elite, neat, masculine) rather than a colorful creative hairstyle. Skin care skin care, read more

Sexual life is an important part of a married life. A harmonious and harmonious sex life is the natural needs of men and women’s physiology. It is the common aspiration of both husband and wife. Both sides have the obligation to cooperate closely and have the right to be satisfied. In the process of sexual life, from the stimulation of sexual excitement to emotional communication, from the input of both mind and body to the common climax of sexual desire, there are important psychological factors. As long as one party lacks understanding of sexual knowledge, or if one party adopts a negative attitude, the two sides will not achieve emotional harmony. Especially for women, the role of sexual psychology has a greater impact, and the man must understand this feature in order to play a read more

Question: One year old male left, looking at the end of the year, afraid of the elderly at home, I asked a friend to help introduce a girl to a blind date. I have to go on a date on the weekend, but I don’t have this experience. I would like to ask, how can I make it easier to win the beauty of the first date? Answer: The performance of men during dating is crucial to the relationship between the two. If a man can behave properly and win the favor of a woman, then he can look forward to the next date. The first impression is very important, so you must make a good first impression on the other party during the date. Here are a few tips to help you. Appropriate use of body language to use body language. According to the researchers, 55% of the first impressions men leave on the first read more

Adult sex education: After taking a hot bath, it takes at least half an hour to enjoy sex. Some people think that after taking a hot bath and relaxing, it is more conducive to sex. But experts pointed out that after taking a hot bath, it takes at least half an hour to enjoy sex. According to experts, the human body is an extremely sensitive physiological system. It is very sensitive to temperature. Even a subtle change of 0.1 °C can cause multiple changes in various hormones in the body, and it can also promote the frequency signal emitted by neuronal cells. Time is strong and weak. Generally, when the temperature exceeds 33 ° C, the sensitivity of the skin begins to decrease. Many people will have skin flushing and a slight numbness. The hot bath we often say refers to the water temperature read more