How to win a beautiful heart for the first date

Question: One year old male left, looking at the end of the year, afraid of the elderly at home, I asked a friend to help introduce a girl to a blind date. I have to go on a date on the weekend, but I don’t have this experience. I would like to ask, how can I make it easier to win the beauty of the first date? Answer: The performance of men during dating is crucial to the relationship between the two. If a man can behave properly and win the favor of a woman, then he can look forward to the next date. The first impression is very important, so you must make a good first impression on the other party during the date. Here are a few tips to help you. Appropriate use of body language to use body language. According to the researchers, 55% of the first impressions men leave on the first date depends on appearance and body language, 38% depends on speaking skills, and only 7% depends on what is being said. Therefore, if the young boy’s language ability is flat, then he can use more actions to express his attitude. For example, a male can imitate a certain posture of the other person to cultivate a sense of intimacy; the action of inserting a hand into the trouser pocket can reveal the mature temperament of the boy; Drinking a drink at the same time as a girl can give the other person a sense of intimacy that “the two act in unison.” Boys must not stand in front of each other with their arms crossed, otherwise women will feel cold and threatened. Experiencing fear together is easier to approach. Studies show that if the two are in a state of fear and tension during the first date, it is easier for them to come together. Thrilling games, suspense or horror movies in the playground are easy to inspire each other’s love. Choosing the right accompaniment music test shows that soft music makes it easier for women to feel good about men. The first time you meet, the two should avoid choosing a dry and quiet environment. For example, you can get to the beautiful environment of the coffee shop, listen to the background music, talk about some topics that are common to the sex, so it is easy to get closer to each other. Eating chocolate and eating more chocolate can make people feel happy, and the food that promotes dopamine in the body is good for love. Experts pointed out that chocolate has this function, can make people excited, and experience an inexplicable sense of happiness, may wish to eat more when in love. The first time you meet, you can send each other a box of chocolates, and if the other party has the heart, you can eat them together, which will make the relationship more intimate. Looking at each other’s eyes is an effective means of emotional expression. Studies have shown that when two strangers sit opposite each other, it is much easier to look at each other’s eyes than to look at other parts of the body. Therefore, you should use eye contact more when you are dating, and respond to the other person’s eyes in time. Tips: When you have been dating for a while, your feelings are stable, and there will be inevitable problems with sex. Remember, as a man, you must take the initiative to prepare a condom, which is responsible for the health of women. Prepare a condom of better quality. Durex double-insulated condoms have been appropriately increased in thickness, giving double the protection of sex.