What daily care is needed for the girl?

Girls like to be with a colorful man, who is not willing to take a bath with a lazy, snoring, but also a stinky man sleeping on a bed. If your favorite babes spend two hours a day on makeup, blowing their heads, picking clothes, removing makeup, skin care, etc., and you are too busy to spend 10 minutes in front of the door, then you Too much to adjust. The following suggestions seem to take for granted, but the Bad Boys Academy suggests that you still carry it out seriously, which is very helpful for picking up girls. Before the hairdressing suggestion course begins, go to the hair salon and cut a suitable head shape for you. Note that what you need is a hairstyle that conveys some information (such as elite, neat, masculine) rather than a colorful creative hairstyle. Skin care skin care, unlike your hair style, can not be improved overnight. Skinning is a process of a few months. Since you need to start from a certain moment, it is better to start from this evening. The most basic skin care needs to wash, moisturize, and control oil every morning and evening. For skin care products, you can search the Internet for some relevant information. Xiao Bian recommended: Uncovering: Which country has the most sexual love? Why does the “female chasing male” fail? Facial scars and acne such as skin have serious problems. I suggest you consult a professional dermatologist or beauty practitioner because you can buy it on the market. The skin care products, no matter how expensive it is, have very limited effects. If you have a slight acne scar like me, consider buying a concealer that is applied to the skin to effectively mask the scar. It is usually available at major cosmetics sales counters. Some nails and nails have long nails and nails that look like a pair of talons. This is a deadly dead hole. Many girls, especially those with high scores, will pay close attention to these details. Think about it this way, high-scoring girls will inevitably spend a lot of effort on the details of these appearances, so naturally they will pay extra attention to the details of the boys. In addition to the fingernails, don’t forget that the toenails are equally important! It is recommended that every male student spend dozens of pieces to go to the manicure shop to try, so that you will probably know what is the correct manicure, you can go home DIY. Body hair recommends that you buy an electric shaving shear or an electric hair clipper to trim the underarm and pubic hair. You don’t have to shave very much, because it will be very skinny. Also, pay attention to your nose hair, don’t let them slip out of your nose, please trim regularly. I know that many people are not willing to shave pubic hair. I respect the choices these people make based on cultural background. But according to my personal experience, shaving pubic hair can often bring you extra surprises. For example, some women are more willing to serve you… you know! The body odor treatment method is often very simple, you can use a deodorant to taste. If it is a stinky fox, use a sports-type underarm deodorant. Remind that perfume is not a solution to body odor. It will only mix a new (and often worse) strange smell with your original body odor. Remember, perfume is something you use after you have used your body odor. Also, don’t use too much perfume, it will make you very strange. Spray on the sleeves and on both sides of the collar. You can go to the nightclub a little more. Guess what you like: 娶 Which woman is the most unlucky bed woman’s sexual craving for more content, please pay attention to Feihua Health Network gender channel: http://sex.fh21.com.cn