How to shake a woman’s female hormone

The night of the monks inspires the hormones in men and women, and the love of the beloved is the way to release the desires of the body. Of course, it does not rule out that there is no desire at all. At this time, you need to use the skill of making tricks to achieve the goal. . Try to learn the following superb skills when making love, multi-pronged and lasting for a long time. Change the position, use different caress, use a variety of weapons such as fingers, mouth, tongue, etc., use a variety of sex games to create an atmosphere, so that each other is not easy to feel the passage of time. 1. Appreciation of massage with each other can make the two feel sexy, relaxed, and the most important thing is to feel cherished and needed. Take a large towel or bed sheet and let the other person lie on it. Make sure the hands are hot. It is best to soak them in hot water for a while and apply some essential oils to make the aroma in the air better. Massage helps to understand each other’s body in advance, and her reaction to the touch, starting from the neck, followed by the shoulders and back, can be smashed, pressed, or lightly scraped, patted, lightly pinched, pay attention to each other’s reaction. When it’s your turn to be massaged, pay attention to all kinds of feelings, and you may be surprised at the reaction of some part of your body. In the process, what kind of stimulation between each other will cause sexual reactions, write it down, and save more. 2, novelty feeling: Fresh creativity can always make people feel happy, easy to attract interest, and last longer. A brain scan of a sex-loving life finds that when an artist or creator is inspired or entertained, the blood flow to the right cortex increases, triggering a love-loving pleasure. Maybe you should sit on the bed with your guitar and bathe in Moonlight sings together.