These ideas between partners are the most ruinous

Romance is the most beautiful feeling between a partner. Whether it is a married couple or a male or female friend who is in love, in the process of getting along, you must pay attention to maintaining a good attitude, feelings, life, and even right. Sexual love has a scientific understanding, because if there is no scientific understanding, it will inevitably breed contradictions in the invisible, and will also obscure romance. Romance is when she cries, your gentle shoulders and handkerchiefs handed in; Romance is a busy day for her, still wearing an apron to make a delicious meal for you… Romantic will add a touch of rose to the feelings, so that love is more warm. Unfortunately, there are always some misunderstandings that will affect the romantic feeling. According to Roland Miller, a professor of psychology at Houston State University, and Sharon Brem, a master of sociology at Harvard University, it is these misunderstandings that have led to the distress and dissatisfaction of the loved ones, and may even be the trigger for the conflict between the couples: The quarrel is destructive. Some people think that as long as they fall in love enough, couples will not be in dispute on anything. But when there are fights between the tongue and the teeth, how can two independent people not be able to stand up to the dispute? It is very important to have a heart. People who hold this view will mistakenly believe that a couple can understand the meaning of the other party with only one look. If you have to tell your partner what I want, it means that he/she doesn’t love me enough. The partner must not change. With the first injury, there will be a second time – this is not a fake. But this reality is based on “you don’t have good communication.” As long as we are willing, we can think about our partner, do something for the other person, or even change ourselves. Every one-time love should be perfect. Almost no one can get a wonderful and satisfying feeling in every sex. In fact, sex is influenced by many factors. Most of the time, there is always one party who can’t get a climax or pleasure in sex. Men and women can’t really communicate. This misunderstanding is because you don’t have the right communication method and don’t know how to speak to your partner. A good marriage cannot be flawed. In reality, the relationship between the two sexes is by no means “one or the other”. Harmony, happiness and contradictions are always entangled. Many people have had the above ideas. They believe paranoidly that true love is going to go with the flow. Therefore, as soon as you get along with a little problem, you will be overwhelmed, will not solve the problem actively and constructively, and even prefer to end the relationship. This is really a bit of a waste of food. It is normal to encounter friction when you get along. Only when you keep running, your feelings are more stable and firm. How to deal with sexual contact during love period How to deal with sexual contact during love period? The opposite sex always wants to make further contact, especially in the process of falling in love, it can not avoid the problem of sexual contact, but hope for this kind of problem Both male and female girlfriends can have their own principles. Let me introduce you to the method of dealing with sexual contact. The first is to take sex seriously. “Sex” is an act with physiological, psychological and social attributes. It is a big issue involving morality and law, about the future and destiny of others and themselves, and about family happiness. In real life, many college students lack a correct understanding of sex, as well as men and women. There are many problems in the understanding of the differences in sexual physiology and mental state between the two sexes. Some girls like to be heterosexual and often think that they can express their true feelings to each other in a way that is “in person”; some think that they can “set a life”; others are blind impulses, without any emotional foundation. Unsafe sex has occurred. These understandings and actions are clearly wrong. A girl who easily engages in sex with a boy will not only win the respect of the man, but will also make others think that you are frivolous, do not understand self-respect and self-love, and will not cause the other party to pay attention to your feelings. The result can only be realistic. Love and future marriages may have negative effects; in addition, sexual intercourse in love, if the two sides do not pay attention to safety precautions, may lead to greater harm to women, such as accidental pregnancy, having to have multiple abortions, etc. The healthy growth and smooth development of the woman’s body and mind in the future will have a huge negative impact, and even for these reasons, a more serious tragedy will be brewed. Some male students often deal with sexual relations with the attitude of “the person who refuses to refuse”, or ask the other party to have sex according to the will of the woman, and do not consider the consequences of the sexual behavior and the responsibilities that may be assumed. This kind of mentality and practice will lay down uncertain security risks, which are also contrary to social morality. Therefore, boys must know how to respect girls, and do not follow the “sex” desire, and be strict with themselves, so as not to make a big mistake; Girls should also be self-love, learn to refuse, and constrain their thoughts and behaviors within a certain discipline, social morality and law, and avoid the occurrence of tragedy caused by indulgence. The second is to treat sex correctly. Sex is not ugly, not mysterious, not even a beast. Sex is an important factor affecting a healthy life and an indispensable part of a complete personality. Male and female college students in love should be sympathetic and respectful in sexual contact. The manners and manners in sexual communication should also be gradual, not too anxious, but do not evade everywhere. In the face of the choice of sexual behavior, we should carefully consider whether we can have the ability to assume the corresponding responsibilities, but also whether the sexual behavior itself helps to enhance the relationship of “love” between each other. Scientifically understand these sexual health issues, then when dealing with two people, coping with and resolving sexual contact can bring better guidance and help, because many young men and women nowadays have sex contact prematurely when they fall in love. This will also affect their physical and mental health. Through the introduction of the above article, we know that if there are these kinds of ideas in the life and between men and women, then it will affect the harmony between the two sexes, so I hope that everyone can pay attention to timely corrections and change these ideas. This is more beneficial to get along with, and it will also make your sex life more harmonious.