Demystifying the magical effect of toothpaste in sexual intercourse

Toothpaste is the cleaning product we use every day. Besides brushing teeth, what is the effect of toothpaste? Let’s introduce the little-known role of toothpaste – “Aphrodisiac”. Toothpaste not only cleans the teeth, but also has the effect of making it harder and erect lasting. The main ingredients of toothpaste are talcum powder, essence and mint, amine leaves, etc. The role of the glans is the mint or amine leaves inside. Stimulation increases penile erection and paralysis of the nerves is delayed. Based on this principle, you can try a simple external method: use toothpaste to clean the glans. Toothpaste is the safest external product, does not cause side effects, and is also a good cleaning agent. After cleaning, there is no stimuli or effects, whether with or without a sleeve. Precautions for use: 1. Wash the glans directly with toothpaste and water. Pay special attention to avoid liquid from entering the urethra, which will cause irritation and pain. 2, a few seconds to feel the glans part of the burning sensation, but quickly disappeared, washed with water. It can be repeated several times, the direct bald head is sensitive to decline, but there is still a feeling (do not do it without feeling). 3, for those with erectile dysfunction, it is recommended to stimulate the glans erection, you can wash and enter sex. If the erection is in good condition, it can be done several times to reduce the sensitivity. The above methods are for reference only, but not necessarily for all groups. This method has the following advantages: 1. Affordable, toothpaste is cheap, and the amount is sufficient. 2, everywhere available: as long as there is a toothpaste in the place to take a bath, avoid carrying some medicine bottles with you. 3, strong concealment: not easy to be discovered before and after use, to avoid giving the other party know, affecting the image of men. When your sexual partner is surprised to say how hard or so persistent you are today, you will have a sense of pride. 4. Strengthening: If you use toothpaste containing pearl powder, it may increase the degree of smoothness of your glans; or use any toothpaste such as Tianqi and Sanqi, which may increase the blood circulation of the penis – of course, this is a toothpaste advertisement. May be used for reference.