Which constellation men have the opportunity to become masters of love fraud?

Some men are masters of love scams. They obviously have a girlfriend, but they can still have a few legs outside. They can still express their own special feelings when facing their girlfriends. They will not reveal any clues and be detected by their girlfriends. Cell phone, underwear, body smell…etc. Anything that might be suspected by your girlfriend’s lameness, they can all be handled very neatly, and they won’t let the story go, even if they are questioned, they can respond calmly. Which constellation men have the opportunity to become such masters? First place: If the Libra male Libra man calms down, it is the most calm one among the 12 constellations. They will clearly consider whether they have too much attitude towards their girlfriends in front of their legs and behind their lame legs. The difference is that they can do new love but don’t forget old love, and they won’t make any changes in their lives because of lameness, and the interaction with Zhenggong’s girlfriend is exactly the same. Even if any evidence is discovered by his girlfriend, Libra can also use the reason very calmly to bring it to the past. Even the most embarrassing thing can let the true girlfriend and the third party eat together and interact with each other without discovering the fact that he is lame. It can only be said that calming and rationalizing things is the natural talent of Libra. It is of course very horrible to make good use of the limit in love. Second place: If the konjac man is lame, the konjac is still the one. Years of constant cold face, no lame legs, or that expression that will not change too much, they are not very much, they should be calm and super easy in front of their girlfriends, as long as they are facing the computer or TV, their lives It seems that it is exactly the same. As long as they are not dating with Xiaosan, the feelings of the konjac man can be very restrained, and they will not be treated as a girlfriend in the palace. This is a constellation that is born with a big manism. Even if you are lame, you will take care of your girlfriend. Very good, plus the constant expression of the number one year, so that the konjac man can still be as stable as a mountain if he is suspected of meeting his girlfriend. Third place: Aquarius male water bottle male calm is the first place to play silly, this is a constellation man who knows how to make it easy, the water bottle man after the lame can still behave like nothing happened, they can put The third is classified as a friend. Anyway, the water bottle male usually has a friend, and the male and female are mixed. The so-called hiding the trees in the forest is like this. Their stupidity is not a naive route, but they are free to go, as if they have never had anything special, and they seem quite frank. Even if they are questioned, many water bottle men will only smile, even anti- Come and admit that I am lame, I am smart, but it seems that the more they answer seriously, the more like a fake answer, the more the girlfriend feels that the water bottle is boring and interesting. Fourth place: Tianzhu male can only say that the heart of the man is heavy (laugh). This is a constellation man who is still full of vitality. The Scorpio man is very mysterious. They don’t really like the feeling of being seen or clarified. They are very concerned about their privacy and mystery. Of course, you can face everything very calmly. The Scorpio Men’s Association warned Xiaosan: You have to figure out your identity, and when you are obedient, you will have a good time. The constellation male, they have a strong sense of big manism and control, and sometimes they are scared to scare their girlfriends. If they are questioned by their girlfriends, they will calmly and smother their eyes with sharp eyes. Do you doubt that I don’t love you? ? Fifth place: Gemini men’s smart Gemini men, of course, can also be very calm, they are a constellation that will be played very well, plus the natural ability to say black as a white, naturally, no matter what happens Can whitewash too Ping, the smart Gemini is also very likely to hide in the East and Tibet, the things that can not appear in front of the girlfriend in the palace, and the evidence to be destroyed, Gemini men will handle very well. It’s just that the smart Gemini men have a fatal wound. It may be because they are too confident about themselves. Gemini men sometimes have careless situations, such as forgetting to log out their social website accounts or forgetting to put them in their mobile phones. Some of the newsletters are deleted, or if you forget to delete the conversation records, you feel that you can be found in the past, but it also causes the possibility of overturning.