Do boys like girls with big breasts?

The girl’s chest is a non-productive and mysterious place. Almost all women are pursuing breast enhancement. I hope that I can have a very charming chest. They think that men are like girls with big breasts and they are proud. The peak always makes others’ eyes look on themselves! In the past, there were such girls asking questions, why do boys like to catch girls when they are jealous? This is really like a mystery. Whether it is a jealousy or a kiss, it seems that a man’s hand will never be idle. Always like to touch or grab a girl’s chest? Why do boys like to catch girls’ chests when they are awkward? Men’s psychological age is not great. They still stay in the breastfeeding period. The psychology of men is actually very small. They have a strong Oedipus complex and they still stay in the lactation period. Therefore, in the subconscious mind, the baby is breast-feeding. This is also why men like to grab a woman’s chest when making love. Second, can not resist the visual impact of men is a color animal, plump breast is a woman’s second sexual characteristics, she reveals the perfect curve of women. The tall breasts give a strong visual impact and beauty, giving people a strong desire for sex. And no man can resist it. Third, feel comfortable to touch from the touch, plump breasts feel very moist, it is said that the least water in men is the hands, and the most watery part of the woman is the chest. The elasticity and smoothness of the huge chest make men want to be drunk. It seems that the shape of a woman’s chest is born for the size of a man’s hand. Fourth, men like round things Some people say that men have special ambiguity about round things, such as basketball, football, as well as for women’s chest. Men’s favorite women run up the waves, which brings them unlimited imagination and dynamic beauty. So they couldn’t help but want to reach out and touch. V. The need for mutual cooperation According to biologists, the bodies of men and women are born with each other. The arc formed by the hands of men stretches out to coincide with the arc of the woman’s chest. The most resilient part of a man is his hands, and the weakest part of a woman is the chest. For boys, touching the girl’s chest can strongly express their possessiveness. Also, the chest is an important part of the girl’s body. If you grab the chest, the boys will think that this can bring them closer together. Boys like girls with big breasts. For boys, they always can’t help but be attracted by the low-cut girls on the street. Big breasted women are most liked by them. When they are no one, they like to peek at the woman’s chest. The girls say that the boys are lascivious. I don’t know if this is their physiological needs. But it is currently reflected In terms of the situation, it seems that the boys like the big girls, the first big girls can satisfy the visual senses. The second can also comfort the physical needs. But it is too general for girls who like boys. There are also boys who like girls with small breasts. Can girls with small breasts not live? I believe that a boy who loves you will not care about these things, and he still likes girls who like big breasts! ! It’s not a big mistake to have a girlfriend!