Nowadays, there are more and more women left over. Don’t marry yourself because of the marriage at home. Women looking for a husband should be as picky as a man looking for a job. It’s not a woman’s business, but a marriage can’t be sloppy, a woman marries. It is the second reincarnation, which can determine the quality of your next life. There are several types of “leftovers”, women can not marry. 1. Men who are too heavy in “women’s taste” are more likely to wear masks than women. They worry that they have a trace of crow’s feet. They are always on the triviality of life, and they are too clean in life. Such a man is the possession of a woman. This kind of man is not so careful, it is better to say that it is Luo Wei, can not give you a little read more

The sun is burning, and it is time for the girl to prevent the satyr on the bus. Because the summer women began to wear short skirts, shorts, etc., plus the peak hours of commuting, the bus is crowded, providing a great opportunity for the satyrs. Therefore, in the summer, women are not necessary to prevent the satyr. Don’t feel that being jealous is a very shameful thing. It is this kind of psychological color that the wolves are so rampant. If you can respond correctly and boldly, you will scare the satyrs. Therefore, as a woman, we must master some cautious martial arts against the satyr to deal with those wretched men who are unconcerned. When you move your body in time on the bus or subway, you will encounter a satyr. If you are a relatively shy and timid woman, then no matter read more

The IQ of a woman in love is zero. Instead of asking the other person whether he misses you all day, it is better to let the other party take the initiative to think of you. You may complain that the other party is always busy with your career and you are not worried about it. Then you are wrong. That was just an excuse for him to find for himself. Today, Xiaobian summed up the points for everyone, so that he had to miss you. Sending him a romantic and warm message Nowadays, the communication technology is developed, so that you can express your emotions in time, no matter how far apart. In addition to the text, there are many cute and intimate emojis, which add a lot of fun to the dialogue and look more vivid. The image is full of fun, just like you are in a real conversation. A short greeting, read more

Although men are visual animals, they are extraordinarily rational in mate selection. We all know that men hate sly women and hate women who don’t follow women. I don’t know, there are still some kinds of women, men will not kill. they. Think about living with such women after marriage. Men are afraid after thinking about it. If they are married, it is even more a nightmare. Today, let’s take a look at it. What women do not marry? 1. Women who worship gold are born with a strong desire to shop, but if they spend money, it is not a day without spending money. Such a woman must be afraid of every man, let alone go home. Naturally rich men have become the ideal target for marrying. Nowadays, the cost of living is getting higher and higher. This trend is becoming more and more obvious, read more

Lead: Women must carefully consider before choosing cohabitation. In the days when they live together, you may find bad habits that have been hidden for a long time, or you may live as your wife or nanny because of long-term cohabitation. Therefore, women must do the following preparations before choosing to cohabit before marriage. 4. Don’t live because of cohabitation as his wife. You think that since they are living together, I have to take care of him and make him feel that I am a good wife and a good mother. In fact, this idea is a big mistake. A man who chooses a lifelong partner is definitely not the first to put you in the house. He needs more than just a life partner, but also hopes that you can communicate with each other. So don’t live together and enter the role. read more

Sexual love between husband and wife needs to constantly “innovate” in order to maintain sexuality for a long time. For example, in the process of sex, use Durex rejuvenation vibrator to bring her freshness and excitement. In addition, you need a little trick and a small method to raise your sexuality. 1. Maintain adequate sleep. A number of studies have confirmed that good and adequate sleep is a major method to improve sexual ability. In addition, when you sleep well, the response functions of various human systems will be more sensitive. When the brain receives sexual stimulation, it will actively respond. 2. Use drugs carefully. Many drugs, such as various antidepressants, diuretics, cholesterol-lowering drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs, can affect people’s sexual desire and read more

What is the correct way to calculate the ovulation period? If you want to know the exact time of ovulation, then only to the hospital to do B-ultrasound is the most accurate, there are some other ways, but not as accurate as B-ultrasound, such as ovulation test strips, body temperature test can be measured During the ovulation period, the ovulation day can also be accurately measured. The fifth day of ovulation will be implanted. The fifth day of ovulation will not be implanted. Generally, the ovulation period will be implanted after 6-7 days of pregnancy in the same room. According to the position of the blastocyst in the uterine cavity during implantation, the degree of contact and binding of the dermal layer cells and the endometrial epithelial cells, the implantation is often divided read more

How do pregnant women measure ovulation temperature? The first thing to know is when is the ovulation day. On this day, the egg will rule out 1-2, but even if there is egg discharge, it is not possible to be 100% pregnant, because pregnancy requires too many conditions to meet all aspects. Conditions, in order to be healthy and pregnant, pregnant women can be more accurate in causing test body temperature. How to measure the basal body temperature? Measuring the basal body temperature, you can use a normal thermometer, mainly to master the correct measurement method. 1. Prepare a thermometer and master the method of reading the meter to ensure accuracy. 2. Before going to sleep every night, put the mercury column of the thermometer to below 35 degrees, and put it in a place where you can read more

How to calculate the safety period and the time of ovulation? The safety period is what people think is the time of ovulation, but the safety period is not not pregnant, but the chance of pregnancy during this time is low, so if you are not pregnant, you should do it at this time. Contraception measures to avoid unnecessary trouble. The calculation method of how to calculate the safety period and the dangerous period is mainly the three types of calendar method, basal body temperature method and vaginal secretion observation method. Calendar method: Normal women of childbearing age come to menstruation every 28 days, from the beginning of this menstrual cramp to the first day of the next menstrual cramp, called 1 menstrual cycle. If the menstrual cycle has been accurate, the ovulation day read more

What about ovulation pain? Is it normal? Ovulation stomach pain is a normal phenomenon is a problem that many women will encounter, just like the menstrual period, but it is not so serious, there is a big difference in the degree of pain, and the number of days of pain is also compared Short, so women don’t have to be nervous. What is the cause of ovulation pain? Because of individual differences, the amount of follicular fluid discharged by each person’s follicle rupture is not exactly the same. Follicular fluid discharges more, after follicular fluid enters the pelvic cavity, it will stimulate the pelvic membrane and cause abdominal pain, which is caused by abdominal pain. The reason is that some people have abdominal pain, but also accompanied by ipsilateral low back pain, read more