When talking about sit-ups, many female friends frown. According to a survey conducted by the US Doctor of Network Medicine website, 86% of women who have been doing sit-ups for a long time have a 55% lower incidence of gynecological diseases than women who do not. Therefore, women can prevent gynecological diseases by doing sit-ups. The benefits of doing sit-ups on the body First, women doing sit-ups can exercise the abdominal muscles and tighten the abdominal muscles, so as to better protect the organs in the abdominal cavity and avoid various diseases. Secondly, when doing sit-ups, you can also exercise the groin. There are many capillaries and acupuncture points in the groin. Sit-ups can stimulate the blood vessels in the groin by exercising, and promote blood circulation in the abdomen, read more

There are two kinds of situations in which men can hold back the semen: 1. Want to extend the time of the intercourse; 2. Use the external ejaculation method. In fact, resisting ejaculation can have a certain effect of prolonging the intercourse time, but it is not ideal and harmful. External ejaculation is not reliable. Because of this contraceptive method, there are too many people who are pregnant unexpectedly. It is not easy to use and hurt. If a man’s frequent sputum will cause “internal injury”, then he will regret it. The first internal injury: not getting the house to meet the house ejaculation is a normal physiological process, it can make men and women have sexual pleasure, get sexual satisfaction, let each other’s body and mind in the gushing “tidal read more

In sexual life, a healthy body is a necessary prerequisite, especially the health of the sexual organs and genitals. Once something goes wrong, it will affect the quality of sexual life. Therefore, in daily life, we must pay attention to the health care of the genitals. There are many factors that threaten women’s reproductive health, but special attention should be paid to the three aspects of gynecological inflammation, endocrine disorders and immune function. Women’s reproductive health care is a concept that every adult woman must establish. This article explains the factors in these three aspects. Gynecological inflammation In real life, gynecological inflammation is the most vulnerable to the reproductive health of women. According to reports, gynecological inflammation read more

In China, men seem to pay less attention to their own image than women who are keen on shopping, makeup, fitness and slimming. They also don’t pay much attention to small details. They seem to think that smoking, drinking, and soaking women are all the pursuits of their lives. They don’t know that this unhealthy way of life is eating away from their health, life, future and even sexual ability. Today, let’s see which behaviors are ruining your sexual ability! Pregnant women’s belly body future: Three high men can not be pregnant but often listen to a belly bigger than pregnant women, swaggered across the city, this usually does not drink less. Don’t look at your big belly now, it’s quite easy. In a few years, fatty liver, high blood pressure, high blood read more

If a man’s penis is erect in a couple’s house, what awkward thing is this! Why do men’s penis have erectile dysfunction? It is found through experimentation that erection hardness is positively correlated with sexual life satisfaction and positively related to emotional satisfaction. It is positively related to overall health satisfaction. The level 4 erection hardness and sexual satisfaction are all positively correlated and are the best targets for ED treatment. If you want to have perfect hardness, male experts point out that you should start from the following aspects: Generally better treatment results can be achieved. 2. In the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, you can take some medicines for tonifying kidney and promoting blood circulation and relieving liver and qi. read more

If you don’t want to get pregnant, you have to use contraception. However, there are many contraceptive methods, but few people can satisfy them. Even some contraceptive methods greatly affect the comfort of sex, which is very distressing. Among them, there are three contraceptive methods that are most uncomfortable for recognition. Everyone should carefully consider it before using it. Male condoms for women, this is the second most comfortable method of contraception than oral contraceptives and safe contraception. Although your male partner complains loudly about “trouble” and “itching itching”, single-use condoms, contraception The effect is as high as 99.6%, and its “discomfort” is just a little “spicy” when the plastic products read more

In the choice of contraceptive methods, couples can not only take care of preventing unwanted pregnancies, but also pay attention to the health of the reproductive system and prevent the damage of germs. So far, only condoms can achieve the dual effects of contraception and disease prevention. Just wearing a thin sleeve when making love can effectively prevent pregnancy and prevent the spread of germs. The concept of contraception is good. The idea of ​​contraception is to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. The conventional method is to kill sperm or prevent it from binding to the egg. However, drugs that kill sperm have more or less effects on health, so preventing sperm from entering the uterus is the healthiest method. Condoms are undoubtedly the best choice. After wearing a read more

With the increasing number of contraceptive methods, couples who are not ready to become pregnant can choose a wider range. However, which contraceptive method is right for you, you have to use it to determine. However, when changing the method of contraception, you can’t say that you can use the device without taking medicine immediately, or you can mix several different contraceptives. It is important to know that different contraceptives and different contraceptive methods may have conflicts and hidden dangers. If the contraceptive measures cannot be replaced scientifically, there will often be other situations. Therefore, when you decide to change your method of contraception, ask an expert and a doctor. Here are a few examples, I hope everyone can pay attention. First, the replacement read more

Nowadays, there are many contraceptive methods, and injection contraception has become a preferred method for some women. The professional term is: injectables. As can be seen from the name, it relies on injections for contraception. Foreign countries, especially European and American women, are keen on this fast and convenient method of contraception. Usually, the ingredient of the injectable needle is MPA, medroxyprogesterone acetate, which is a derivative of lutein. MPA has a lot of effects, one effect is to slow down the lust of men and women, and its effect is somewhat similar to “sad” drugs. Usually, every time a user injects 25-100mg of this drug, it can inhibit the estrus for 2 to 4 months. You can also switch to the oral form of this drug, orally 5mg daily for 5 consecutive read more

Among the many contraceptive methods, not all contraceptive methods are suitable for you. Targeted choice according to your own physical state will minimize the side effects of contraceptive methods and better the quality of contraceptive effects. The best contraceptive method for you is the best. Today we will take a look at how to choose the contraceptive method that suits you best. One of the most comfortable contraceptive methods for oral contraceptives, short-acting contraceptives (such as Ma Fulong) take one tablet a day, or take 22 consecutive days from the end of menstruation, regular menstruation, premenstrual abdominal pain, irritability and other symptoms It helps. Many women are accustomed to taking short-acting contraceptives and accidentally discovering that their skin has read more