According to the Hong Kong media, today, some netizens have taken photos of the occasional encounter with Zhong Lijun in the obstetrics and gynaecology department of the hospital, causing netizens to speculate that they are pregnant. Some media have asked Zhang Lunshuo to verify that he has denied that his wife is pregnant. He said that Zhong Lizhen is only going to do some tests for pregnancy, asking doctors about the precautions and dietary problems. If there is good news, I will tell you the first time. This article comes from the star network, please indicate the source!

According to Taiwan media reports, Hong Kong women’s group TWINS member Yan Xinyi (Gillian) was married in Los Angeles on the 26th. The man is Lai Hongguo, who is known as Taiwan’s “medical world Wang Yangming”, and is the bridesmaid’s Ah Sa (Cai Zhuoyu)飙Tears blessing Gillian, the sisters are deeply moved, and after the wedding banquet, Gillian is thanking the film and giving a happy statement of the cross declaration. Gillian handed the bouquet directly to Ah Sa when she was holding a flower at the wedding highlights, and Ah Sa also moved to tears at the wedding speech: “To be happy forever, happy every day. Even if you marry to Taiwan, you must remember us.” “A Sa also “warned” Lai Hongguo to pamper Gillian “You must read more

The burger that Kunling has exposed has been quoted by Zhou Dong as a star network. According to Taiwan media reports, Jay Chou has changed his past low-key character since he returned to Kunling, and has repeatedly loved his generosity. Today, Kun Ling made a beautiful photo on the Internet, attracted a message from Jay Chou, and said with a smile, “There are such beautiful waiters!” Today, Kunling has a sweet photo of Hamburg on the Internet, and many netizens have commented. Too sweet and beautiful, but the comment area makes more people’s eyes shine. Jay Chou also wrote a message at the bottom. “There are such beautiful waiters, I go every day!” The teasing speech of the wife is openly confessed, so many netizens are The big call is “too flashed!” read more

Star Network News, last Saturday night, the first female youth group’s youth growth program “Creation 101” created by Tencent Video ushered in a second performance. On the stage of the performance, the players brought a variety of performances in the three directions of singing, vocal and dance, showing the most shining themselves. Compared with the first performance, the players have made a qualitative leap in all aspects of performance, in addition to the practice of the players to sleep and forget to eat, but also benefit the back of the mentor. After the mentoring classroom of this issue, Wang Yibo’s psychological counseling to the players made everyone marvel at the powerful strength of the 21-year-old boy. In the practice room, there are not only the sweat of read more

Star Network Information, June 13th, today’s Shenmengchen 29th birthday, here the circle of sisters first bless our young lady Shen Mengchen happy birthday, more and more years, I hope to enter the marriage hall with Du Haitao brother. In a blink of an eye, our sister Shen Mengchen is 29 years old. One is a person who wants to run for three. Now Du Haitao is already a 31-year-old boy. A 31-year-old and a 29-year-old are now married very late. The girls usually get married between the ages of 24 and 28, and now they are 29 years old. If they have already entered a high-born mother when they have children, Du Haitao is a dreamer, and Haitao calls her. It sounds a bit unaccustomed. Du Haitao is known as Shen Mengchen, and Haitao calls her like this. It sounds a bit uncomfortable. It’s read more

Da Zhangwei on the evening of the 14th, the World Cup opener started. A platform invited Da Zhangwei to be a guest. During the commentary, the former German goalkeeper Robert Enke, who committed suicide due to depression, said that when he committed suicide, Da Zhangwei asked: “Because I have been unable to get on the bench, I am in a hurry?” This remark caused a lot of dissatisfaction among fans and netizens. On the 15th, Da Zhangwei issued a apology on his social account, saying that this time he was wrong. If he did not understand the real situation, he would not change it. I will live my life and I will work hard in the future. Da Zhangwei’s post: I must first admit it absolutely, I did say something wrong. Sorry!!! I really don’t know any situation of the read more

When mentioning Zhang Ting, many young people may be strangers, but the film and television works such as “Love through Time and Space” and “The Cornucopia” that she played earlier are red and white, and are also called “dimples.” Both before and now, she is as young as ever, and she is 48 years old this year. June 20th is the 48th birthday of “Drinking Beauty” Zhang Ting. Zhang Ting, who is loved by love and is favored by her husband, is very happy. According to the news that her husband Lin Ruiyang not only prepared a puppy for her birthday in order to celebrate the birthday of Zhang Ting, but also spent 1.7 billion yuan to buy a 19-story building in Xuhui District, Shanghai. It is reported that the left side of the building is close to read more

On the evening of the 26th, the Rocket Girl 101 officially updated the daily life of the girls, and the members took photos of the hot pot together and announced the distribution of the dormitory. Meng Meizhen yamy, Fu Jingyang Chao, Wu Xuanyi Lai Meiyun, Duan Aojuan sunnee Xu Mengjie Roommates, Zi Ning and Li Ziting live separately. Also revealed that the debut of the first single will be recorded. Fu Jingyang surpassed Xu Mengjie, Duan Aojuan, and Lai Meiyun. The recent hottest variety “Creation 101” finally officially ended on Saturday. After three months of training, it finally stood out from 101 girls. Teenage girl. And they just did not idle, but rushed to their first notice site, dedicated the first show to Hunan Satellite TV! Today, the rocket girl 101 dormitory is read more

Xu Qing may have been too strict with her body management. It is a long time for her to eat a fried chicken and milk tea. Last night, Xu Qing’s assistant sent Weibo, saying that his successful Amway Xu Qing had eaten fried chicken and milk tea, and also took a photo of Xu Qing’s fried chicken. For ordinary people, it is just eating a fried chicken, but Xu Qing is very excited to eat fried chicken. With a fine toothpick inserted into the chicken, it is necessary to smell the smell before eating, and then tangled, facing The lens was very overwhelmed and scratched, and the unkempt look was very messy. However, after a long time of entanglement, Xu Qing finally bite the first bite. After taking a bite, she nodded and said nothing, and the expression was like taste of humanity. While read more

2010年6月,吉林大学医术院卒业。第二位:萧璇(由于联系好缘由,收徒缘由为冤家联系) 但是萧璇曾经是外站“来风”一姐,那里就容易说下。专研牙齿美学修补,2014年12月,正式变化一名yy主播。


主力派直播。。现在曾经加入YY,正在外站被yy鱼顶成了一姐。1987年2月15日出生于吉林长春,身高185cm,体重70kg,A型水瓶座。文家公认对于文儿最好的师傅。 read more